The cricket bat

In Australia, it is welcome back to another school year, with students, teachers, and administrators alike buzzing to ensure everyone’s year of the unknown ahead settles down into a comfortable rhythm. Unfortunately for one school in the west of Melbourne, there has been concern over a school principal’s treatment of a primary age student. The […]

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The world day for teachers

Today is World Teacher’s Day — the Australian version! It has been internationally celebrated on October 5th since 1994 commemorating the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers. These recommendations were developed to ensure that all young people have access to a quality education. It is a celebration of education and […]

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The Power Struggle

A teacher’s voice: I have this one student who is disruptive and consuming of my time. He has not been diagnosed with anything, but he has major behavioural issues and obsessive tendencies. He often doesn’t want to engage in the work and then tends to disrupt and annoy the other children, swear or lash out […]

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I just reread my last blog post, which I had utterly forgotten the content of because it was so long ago, but interestingly I already had ideas of what I wanted this post to be about, and it flows on nicely from my last. You see, my last post was about the anticipation of the […]

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The break

It is the end of another school year in parts of the world. It signals a coming relief for teachers. I came across two teachers on their lunch break today who commented that the smiles on their faces were growing as the countdown to the end of the year approached. Both stated that they love […]

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The lollipop

A teacher’s voice: As a pre-service teacher, I learned a lot about the importance of relationships with students and for them to have a sense of belonging in a classroom and school community. At a workshop for beginning teachers, a Deputy Principal told a story about how he had a jar of Minties (sweets) on […]

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The firsts

I have been reflecting on my first year of teaching recently, mainly because I have just spent the past couple of months helping to prepare a fresh bunch of teacher graduates to enter the profession. Watching their excitement, wonder and anticipation has been refreshing for me, and from many of our classes, I have left […]

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