The flying car

A teacher’s voice: I was teaching year one at a private primary school. One day I decided to run a few science experiments with my class on velocity. The children were given some items that could travel a distance; for example, a ball or paper planes. I borrowed a pull-back toy car from a friend […]

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The spinning head

A teacher’s voice: I’ve got quite a few children in my classroom with special needs. I’ve been finding it hard to know where to start with them. I’m in my second year teaching, and I’m trying to teach a lesson while engaging all of the children in the room but I have a collection of […]

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The little tears

A teacher’s voice: I belong to a racial minority, am female and come from a low socioeconomic background. I have had to fight hard against discrimination and under-privilege to become a teacher. One day I was sitting in an assembly and the grade four, five and six students were singing a song. The song was […]

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The scared teacher

A new student joined the group and she had only been with us for a couple of weeks when a classmate offended her. Her classmate had made an assumption about her background based on her appearance so she started to yell

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